Welcome to my ART SPACE!



Divine Interpretation

A collection of 16 oil paintings of the Vedic Divinities. Inspired by the deeper teachings of each Divinity as a metaphysical principle we can summon to our awareness through meditation.
They are approximately 2’x2′, all framed in cedar.

The Goddess Incarnate

A collection of oil paintings exploring the Divine Femme in various incarnations. From Angel, to Seductress, Priestess to Fairy. She is Dynamism Incarnate.

Inspired Ceramics


All of these pieces are available as prints in either Giclee canvas or paper prints. Please contact me for pricing and to place an order. Some ceramic pieces are available for purchase also. Feel free to contact and make an offer.

Please do not use these images without my permission. They are subject to copyright.

Everything I make, I make with Love. If you have a vision of something you want to bring into the world feel free to contact me to make a proposal. I am happy to create inspired paintings and ceramic pieces for inspired people!