My private yoga sessions allow me to go deep into the practice and life path of yoga with you, meeting you where you are on your journey with yoga, and gently guiding you to open deeper into self-realization, embodiment and body freedom.

Combining philosophy, postures, breathing and mantra I aim to provide authentic and sincere guidance on the vast subject of yoga.

Going beyond simply body-based practice as is often taught in the world of modern studio yoga, private lessons allow for a direct transmission of the deeper insights of Yoga.

My specialty is Tantric Yoga, though I am skilled and able to guide you in traditional hatha yoga aswell.

Read about the philosophy of Tantra Yoga

Yoga Class options

  • Connector.

    Basic Private Lesson - $60/ 60 mins or $90/ 90mins

    Simply flow through a traditional series of postures as a moving meditation. Relax, Let-go, and be guided into remembering your Sacred Self.

  • Connector.

    Private Lesson with massage --- $90/ 90 minutes

    Start with an ayurvedic walking massage (a clothes on mat style massage), and then be guided through a series of traditional postures as a moving meditation.

  • Connector.

    Yoga with Sound Therapy ($75/75mins)

    Flow through a Yoga practice and finish with a guided sound meditation with healing singing bowl magic.

If you’d like to commit to weekly or bi-weekly classes I offer month pass rates. For 1 90 minute session per week I ask for $200. For 2 sessions per week, $350. This discount is an encouragement to make your practice something regular, so you take the greatest benefit from the sessions and watch as the gift of Yoga transforms your life!
For those interested in regular practice I offer the option of creating a personalized recording of our classes together so you can continue your practice on your own. I offer this at no extra charge!

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Read about Tantric Identity

What is Tantra Yoga?

Defining Tantra Yoga is a complex feat, for the two Sanskrit words hold multiple meanings, and have been interpreted in a myriad of unique and colourful ways as they have made their way to the West. The most resonant interpretation for me and the one I transmit in my classes, is as follows. Note that this summary is just that, a summary, and is not a full description. Perhaps the greatest truth is that Everything is True, for someone.

Tantra is the essence of all things. The ‘that thatness‘ which lends life the notion of Is. It is the practice of understanding one’s True Nature as a Limitless, Boundless Infinite Whole; a Cosmic, Timeless Being of Divine Origin. Tantra is a Complete Science mapping the flow of Consciousness from pure Holistic Bliss to Separation into Duality with all its manifestations, and the return path back to Bliss. It is the Science of remembering one’s Divine Origin and mapping the mind so that this remembering takes root deep within the subconscious.

Yoga is the unification of the thought constructing ego with Ultimate Consciousness (The Divine). It is a multi faceted system which connects the yogis to the awareness of their own Divinity on all planes of their existence (the mind, body and spirit). The intelligence of the system’s practices culture the whole of every cell in the yogi to re-cognize as completely Sacred. The integration of this wisdom liberates the ego from the bondage of identifying solely as a mortal karmic being, (the root cause of suffering) to identifying as an Infinite (karma-less) being.

Tantra Yoga is the integration of the two sciences into a harmonious system of unification with all that is. Tantra brings greater depth and relevance to the practice of Yoga. It enriches Yoga with a profound metaphysical world view, esoteric knowledge and practice, as well as the inclusion of sexual energy as a resource for consciousness expansion.

Up until the British Colonization of India Tantra and Yoga were part and parcel systems. When the prudery of the Victorian era witnessed Tantra’s inclusion of sexuality in spirituality the connection was severed, as Tantra went underground to protect the knowledge from the West’s arrogant ignorance. Nowadays the interpretations of the word are vast, with a general fixation on the sexual practices. A natural reaction to sexual oppression. Traditionally, Tantra includes sexuality, since it includes the Whole of the Cosmos. Sexual Energy is viewed as a microcosmic representaiton of the macrocosmic principle of Creation. Tuning into this life-force energy is a powerful teacher on the path to liberation.

Tantra Yoga practicaly speaking looks like practicing asanas with the intent of carving neuro-pathways in the subconscious of every cell to Relax. In the Tantraloka (the “bible” of Tantra shall we say) it is said that “When agitation ceases, then the highest state”. For most people in this millennium the art of relaxation is under-developed. It is a pre-requisite for any more advanced practices, so what I share of Tantra Yoga are simple and accessible ways to culture every cell of your being to Relax, Let-go and be with your intuitive awareness.

This state of consciousness, of being relaxed and in Harmony with all that is, is the basic teaching of Tantra Yoga. Mastering this art allows for all of life to unfold in a Blissful Flow.

May we savour the blessing
of Yoga in this lifetime.

Meet you on your
magic carpet.