Tantra Yoga.

Looking to explore a holistic spiritual practice that considers your body as a temple of consciousness?

Tantra Yoga is a spiritual system of understanding the Body as Sacred, offering tools to embody Divine energy, consciously.


By integrating a Tantric perspective through Yoga into the D.N.A of every cell of your body, which is what the Tantra Yoga practices are designed to do, you can culture a real and lasting Freedom for yourself. One where Body, Mind and Spirit are harmonious and All of creation is lived as an expression of Divine power, or energy (Shakti).

At this point in time MANY of us are getting cozy with the IDEA that we are all ONE. For almost equally as many of us, that Oneness is still only an IDEA. As an Idea, it serves very little, and certainly doesn’t hold up when the world gets hit with a mass pandemic, the internet crashes along with the stock market and you loose all your money, or your government enforces Marshall law and you’re not allowed to leave your house. Usually when that kind of stuff happens, the IDEA of ONENESS doesn’t seem to be of much value. 

For ONENESS to be of real value, it has to be integrated.

It has to be integrated into every cell of your being so that your complete perception, regardless of circumstances being ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, ‘light’ or ‘dark’, ‘pleasureable’ or ‘painful’, your awareness is continuously absorbed in the field of ONENESS. So that in the face of elation AND adversity you are aware and present to the Unity of all perceivable realities, and thus relaxed into WONDER.

This is the purpose of Tantra Yoga. (With the purpose held softly like a butterfly wing so as not to ruin it under the pressure of expectation and goals, of course 😉 )


More of an experiential learner? Make yourself comfortable on your back and try a Tantra Yoga postural practice right now.

by Tamara Dawn

You can find me out in the community for a PUBLIC CLASS at Mā Yoga Monday nights @ 7pm for a 75 minute class followed by a sound bath. 

How to learn with me?

There are several options for beginning to explore Tantra Yoga practice with me, and it is with utmost joy and honour that I offer you this opportunity. Guiding someone into a practice of Yoga is something I offer with humility and respect, knowing that I am but a messenger, in service to a process well beyond anyone’s ego.


Working one-on-one is my specialty, as it allows me to organically weave in the many facets of Tantrik practice to intuitively meet you where you are on your path. We’ll work with physical postures, study of scriptures and modern translations Tantrik texts, mantras (chanting of sacred sounds as a meditation practice), and pranāyama (work with the breath to balance the subtle energy system) among others. Meeting you where you are, personally, heart to heart, I am able to share in the deepest way what I have learned and integrated of these teachings.

Private sessions can be done at my office space in Victoria, B.C or anywhere in the world through zoom online.

Cost of sessions is $90/hour, $125/90minutes, $165/2 hours.


(what qualifies me to share Yoga)

With a modern society now rampant with Yoga teachers offering every possible spin on this ancient tradition it is important to really look into where the person is coming from if what you are after is more than a physical exercise practice. If that is what you are looking for then, I’ll save you any more time and let you know that I’m not the right person to help you. My passion and interest is in Tantra Yoga from it’s classical perspective, wherein the “goal” if there need be one, is a life of complete freedom. Physical flexibility and strength are natural effects of the practice, yet distinctly not the cause for it. 

My journey with Tantra Yoga has been an immersion. I set off to India to explore Tantra and found myself at a Traditional Tantra ashram. I resonated with the practice so deeply that I continued to return to deepen my study, year after year, adopting the system as a way of life and perspective, slowly, over time. I have been steeping in this way of Being for about 7 years now, and though I am still very young on my path, I feel that what I have integrated into my way of being is rich enough that it can be of service to those out there who are looking for real answers to life’s Big questions and are ready to put in effort and practice to allow these answers to permeate their soul’s perspective.

If this is you, I would be absolutely delighted to share with you. If money is a barrier, let’s break it. If honestly and sincerely you desire to explore what Tantra Yoga has to offer you, then I am here to be in service to that. Naturally, when you begin to See clearly the whole gamut of creation as One complete Whole, the unavoidable effect is that you want to be in service to all apparent other. For you See, that they are not so Other as you once thought.

***I also have all the Yoga Alliance stuff covered. I am a 500-hour certified teacher, if that helps soothe any doubts.

It will be an honour to meet you and share what has become real within me of this mystical bottomless ocean called TANTRA YOGA.