I believe in the powerful healing of soulful touch. Every massage I give is an offering to honour the sacredness of your body and help you to feel at ease, relaxed and in harmony with yourself.~Tamara Dawn

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Massage Services

  • Connector.

    Relaxation Massage $90-165

    Weaving all my knowledge of the body and subtle energy system into these sessions, I help you relax on all levels. Choose either 60, 90 or 120 minutes of Heaven on Earth. $90, $125, $165

  • Connector.

    Marma Massage $125/90 minutes or $165/2 hours

    Work with the 108 vital energy points of your being to balance your most essential self. This massage can work on specific conditions of concern, or be used as a preventative treatment to ensure your energy system is flowing optimally.

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I believe the most healing aspect of massage is in the connection between body and soul.

To feel the eternal Self within is to know that which lends all life.
When we Know that Self, the person can relax.