I am that: That am I

I came to Ayurveda and Yoga the way many people drawn to the Healing Arts come. I was feeling lost, broken, dissociated from my body, and looking for something more than modern society was showing me. A deep sense of darkness, pain, abuse, depression, anxiety and confusion was the catalyst of my journey to the East at the young age of 18. Guided by a deep intuition that there was more to life than the tragic suburban disfunction of my upbringing I flew across the earth to explore possibility.

This quest after truth, meaning, purpose and wisdom led me to Nepal to live with Buddhist monks, Peru to sit with plant medicine spirits and Shamanic healers, Thailand to open my eyes to a permaculture worldview, California to explore living as a penniless nomad, India to study Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra and now to Vancouver island to bring what I have learned to my people. It has been 10 years of journeying into the abyss and back, gathering along the way the medicine I was born to live out.

My exploration and formal study of the Healing arts have guided me into deeper and deeper connection to myself, to Spirit, to the Source of all things. Through the study and integration of Ayurveda and Yoga I am finally in my body. Embodiment is one of the most profound shifts for those affected by all kinds of trauma, as many of us who have experienced any kind of abuse, loss or traumatic experience (which is most of us!) naturally learn to dissociate from the body to stay safe.

Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra together provide a timeless and complete system of both understanding and integration of Embodiment. This journey of embodiment is the journey I am continuously on in my personal experience, and the one I am here to help others with.

Having direct experience with both profound darkness and expansive blissful light I can help you connect to both sides of your self, your complete self, and support your healing journey to being In your Body fully.

All of my sessions are focused on this intent, with specific health/wellness concerns addressed within that loving embrace of holistic connection. I believe that the body can heal itself when we embody fully and that often by gently coming home to our bodies with awareness the incredible intuitive intelligence of the body can sort out much better what we cannot fathom with our limited thought-constructing minds. So, sessions with me are about re-establishing, re-remembering your connection to your own Healer. I believe that your own inner Healer is the best one to call the shots, and I am here to help you listen more clearly to that voice.

I am a gifted empath, intuitive, visionary, and have a nurturing and profoundly compassionate touch. As a survivor of trauma and abuse, I have a profound sensitivity to subtle energy and the importance of respect in regards to all bodywork therapy. I am committed to safety and reverence, honouring the body as Sacred.


  • Connector.

    Ayurvedic Massage Practionner - 2019

    Studied Ayurvedic Massage at Aithein Healing school in India during a comprehensive immersion. Applying the knowledge personally, this recent training took my embodiment to a new level.

  • Connector.

    Marma Therapy- 2018

    Studied the ancient Siddhi system of energy points in the body which balance, heal and harmonize the subtle energy of the body and mind at Aithein Healing school in India.

  • Connector.

    Panchakarma Therapist Certification - 2016

    Studied the Ayurvedic system of Body Purification in a 5 month intensive course in Southern India.

  • Connector.

    500 hour Yoga Teacher Training - 2014

    Integrated study of Yoga from a Tantric perspective in an ashram setting in India over an 11-month period.

  • Connector.

    Tantra Initiation - 2014

    Traditional Tantra immersion over an 11-month period to deeply transform my perspective to a Tantric cosmology.

  • Connector.

    Ayurvedic Spa Therapist Training - 2013

    Studied intimately with an Ayurvedic Doctor trained in both Ayurvedic and allopathic Medicine in Northern India.

  • Connector.

    Ceremony Helper - 2016-2019

    I have assisted in several Ceremony Retreats working with Plant Medicine Spirits.

The healing path for me is a serpentine path, it ebbs and flows, slithers unpredictably, is mysterious and enchanting, scary yet alluring, primal, intuitive and magic. Like the two serpents swirling as the symbol of modern medicine, I believe by working with both the dark and light energies together, in harmony, we can heal ourselves, our communities , our planet and all our relations.Tamara Dawn

The Divine in Me,
Sees the Divine in You.
Together we Remember,
The separation is but a dream.