Sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda brings light to my heart. Helping you understand your essence, and how to take care of your body as a sacred temple is an honour. With Ayurveda as your guide, and me as a helper, I offer you my loving support.~Tamara Dawn

New Offering! Shirodhara

Shirodhara is an ancient practice of pouring warm organic sesame oil over the third eye, forehead and the whole scalp in a nourishing rejuvenation therapy. The nervous system is given a chance to totally relax and let go, releasing tense and stressed energy from the mind. A truly luxurious treatment. $60/30mins

Watch a Youtube video about Shirodhara benefits and procedure!

Service Menu

Ayurvedic Bodywork

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    Abhyanga (oil Massage) $90/$125/$165 (60/90/120mins)

    Long fluid strokes with warm herbal infused oils. Relieves stress, relaxes muscles, balances your energy system, flushes lymph, clears toxins and centres you in your body.

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    Indian Head massage $40/30mins

    Calm your nervous system, relax your mind, reduce headaches, release tension so your mind can do its job as a servant and not a master!

Specialty Treatments

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    Shirodhara: $60/30mins

    Now offering Oil Shirodhara! Nourish and relax your whole nervous system with a continuous flow of warm organic sesame oil over your head as you relax and meditate. Amazing added to an Ayurvedic massage.

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    Netra Vasti Eye Treatment : $50/45mins

    Soothe and cleanse dry eyes, and improve vision with this traditional ghee treatment.

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    knee and spine vasti

    Treat local inflammation and pain in the lower back, heart, neck or knee with these soothing and nourishing oil baths. Inquire for more information and rates.

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    Nasya nasal treatment $45/45mins

    Lubricate your nasal passageways, clear your sinus, nourish the brain, calm the nervous system and prevent mental illness with the administration of medicated oil to the nose. Includes a face massage.

Life Guidance Sessions

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    Ayurvedic Consultation: $90/90mins

    Discover your elemental constitution and receive guidance and tools to live in greater harmony with your inner nature.

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    Follow up sessions : $60/hour

    Ask questions, gain clarity, tune into inspiration on your journey to living in greater and greater balance.


I know this is a lot of information. Feel free to give me a call with any of your questions. I am happy to clarify and help you make sense of what services can help you.


Client Testimonials

“Tamara offers so much compassion and respect to her clients. She listens carefully then meets them where they are at. Her sessions feel both professional and rejuvenating.”Katrina Tutty
“I had several massages with Tamara and found her to be very intuitive. She has a good knowledge of the physical body and created a beautifully serene energy and environment. I would recommend Tamara and I thank her for her authentic nature”. Victoria Scott
“Tamara’s sessions have become integral for my ongoing journey for health, balance and embodied integration (and I was a complex case I think!). as someone who works as a healer myself she truly can flex and flow with what is needed in a way that I have rarely found. get your calendar out and book a session – your whole being will thank you.”John Scheunhage
“Tamara Dawn is a gifted healer and teacher. The depth of her practice emanates through her warm intuitive touch and will connect you with the source of your being. She extends her caring presence into both her massage and yoga teaching.She embodies sacred ancient wisdom and is devoted to sharing this in all areas of her healing practice and life.”Kevin Matthews
“I’ve had several different massage therapies in Alberta and BC including cranio sacral, myofascial, swedish, reiki, and healing touch.

I found Tamara to be a gifted healer who integrates multiple distinctions, awareness, and intuition in her practice. I highly trust and recommend her.”Lori Smith