Ayurveda and it’s associated body treatments are powerful tools for connecting to your Body as Sacred.

From the perspective of this 5,000 year old traditional system of health your physical body is an illumination of subtle energy and a unique combination of the 5 elements, the building blocks of all life. By considering who you are at your most essential nature, Ayurveda treats in a holistic way. 

Massage from this holistic perspective sets Ayurvedic Bodywork apart from the more mechanical approach of the western style of massage. 

As an intuitive person, Ayurvedic massage provides as framework for me to tune into your subtle energy and touch your essence with love and compassion. In this way, I subtly attune your whole system to the feeling of unconditional Love, which is the ultimate healing energy. 

Simultaneously, you receive a soothing, nourishing and relaxing full body hot oil massage with herbal infused oils I make myself with specific Ayurvedic medicines.


“I have had multiple massage sessions with Tamara, each one a beautiful experience that transcends the physical body and enters into the realm of spirit within. Tamara offers a unique gift of presence, her touch and her voice create a container for deep heart-centred healing work.”
~ J.Fisher.


“Tamara Dawn has been a major force in my recovery. I’ve never walked away from a massage feeling such profoundly positive effects as I do after a session with her. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone looking to nourish themselves body and spirit. The container she creates during the session is unparalleled to any other I’ve felt within the context of healing arts. She is incredibly perceptive, and dedicated to offering the best of her abilities. Indulge yourself, you are so worth it!”

~T. Skye-Michael



ABHYANGA अभ्यन्ग​ : Herbal Hot Oil Massage

Abhyanga, is a holistic massage style aimed at supporting your subtle energy system to balance and heal itself. Generous amounts of warm herbal infused oils are gently but firmly massaged into the body through long, fluid, rhythmic movements which relax and replenish the whole system. Many of the strokes connect the whole body, moving from foot, up over the glutes, up the spine, around the shoulder, down the arm and all the way back. This serves to unify the consciousness of the receiver as One whole being, allowing a deep sense of embodiment to be experienced. This practice is wonderful as a medicine for stress, anxiety, depression, nervous system conditions, muscle tension, joint-pain, as well as a powerful preventative medicine for everyone or as a ceremony to honour your body as a sacred temple.

MARMANI मर्ममनि Energy Points Massage

Marma (plural marmani) are the 108 vital energy points of the Ayurvedic system. Similar in concept to acupressure and acupuncture points, these vulnerable places in the body are like intersections between the energy channels of the body, as well as junctions between arteries, veins, muscles and/or joints. In Marma massage the therapist presses the points with their fingers, channeling pranic energy into the area to clear and encourage vital flow. This practice weaves together soothing warm oil massage techniques with the work on the points so the receiver enjoys both the relaxing healing touch of a body massage and the deep subtle attunement of precise energy work. Marma can be used to support healing in most specific health conditions, as well as a rejuvenative preventative medicine.

SHIRODHARA शिरोधर​ :

Pouring (or offering) of Oil over the head

Shirodhara means continuous flow to the head. It is an Ayurvedic treatment where warm oil is poured continuously in a gentle stream over the third eye, soothing the receiver into a deep state of meditative bliss. The warm oil balances high vata in the mind (excess air/ether), while nourishing and opening the third eye and crown to higher states of awareness. The nervous system soaks up the luxurious oils grounding properties, providing a rejuvenation to all the nerves. At the same time it nourishes the hair and scalp, encouraging shine and radiance. Relaxing is a bit of an understatement. This treatment is heavenly! 

***some relaxing massage will be included in your Shirodhara treatment.


75 minutes: $100

90 minutes: $125

2 hours: $165

Pre-pay for multiple sessions and receive a discount.

3-pack of sessions: 15%off

5;pack of sessions: 20% off

7 pack of sessions: 25%off

An amazing, and traditional, approach to Abhyanga is to receive 3 ,5 ,7 or 14 days of consecutive treatments. This is the way Abhyanga is used in a truly healing manner to balance excess VATA in the system. Please e-mail for more information on this!

It is an absolute delight and honour to be trusted to touch another’s body in this healing capacity. A gift that makes me smile!


I take that privilege very sincerely, and always bring my complete presence and authenticity to my treatments. I know it is a big decision to begin developing a relationship with a massage practitioner, a relationship of trust.

 I make it my heart-felt practice to honour my side of this dance of reciprocity.


  • I have been giving Ayurvedic Massages for 5 years, running my thriving private practice on Vancouver Island, B.C. First in the Cowichan valley, and now in Victoria
  • I have been praciting yoga and meditation for 10 years, allowing me to hold deep presence and Awareness for my sessions 

I have the following Certifications:

  • Ayurveda Massage Therapy certification with Gagori Mitgupta in South India (2019)
  • Siddha Marma Massage certification with Gagori Mitgupta in South India (2018)
  • Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapist certification with Dr.Arun in South India (2017)
  • Ayurvedic Spa Therapy certification from a private course with Dr. Vinod Kumar in Rishikesh, India (2013)
  • Reiki Level 1 with Bliss Prema, in Victoria, B.C (2017)

Other Specialty Treatments

I also offer a variety of specialty Ayurvedic Treatments including:

  • Indian Head Massage (can be added to a body massage for $40/30 minutes)
  • Netra Vasti (eye treatment)
  • Nasya (nasal administration of medicine)
  • Janu, Kati, Griva and Anahata Basti (oil treatment for knee, low-back, neck and heart)

The easiest way to learn more about those sessions is to first book a massage, and then we can discuss in person which further treatments may benefit you.


“I thoroughly enjoyed my nurturing session with Tamara Dawn. Her compassionate presence and gifted hands were a delight to surrender into. I highly recommend receiving sessions from this wonderful, loving-hearted, creative being.”

~ C. Greenwood

Bodytalk therapist

“Putting myself in the care of Tamara’s hands and healing art was divine. She creates an open and compassionate space that allows for vibrant healing. I look forward to my next session!”

K. Yee-Chan

Yoga and QiGong Instructor

I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman a few weeks ago. I found myself blessed to have connected with her on many levels and even when she is not giving a massage, she is a healer. Right to the very core of her. Her energy and knowledge and wisdom, her miraculous touch on the massage table, all come together to create the most magical experience I have ever had from a massage. She not only healed my stressed out body, but she balanced my heart too. I will travel to see this woman. I hold her in very high regard in my heart. So if you need Balance, Harmony, Relaxation, Release…Please love yourself enough to go see this magical woman. you will come out loving your beautiful self even more.

~Katherine M-O


It will be an honour and celebration of Life to work with you

Honouring your Body as Sacred

When the moment is ripe.

From my heart,

to your heart,

~Tamara Dawn