Connecting Creative and Sexual Energy

The intimate link between a woman’s creative and sexual energy is a sacred relationship that fuels her soul to bloom to it’s wildest potential. When a Woman is in a state of creative expression she connects to the worldly materialization of her sexuality beyond child-bearing. In regards to feminine sexuality, much focus is placed on Woman’s capacity to birth children, and yet her capacity to creatively birth her wildest dreams has been largely under-appreciated in our postcolonial culture. I believe that when a Woman continuously builds and connects with her sexual energy as a cosmic creative force to be joyously expressed within the feminine world of art, song, dance and play she can nurture and balance her whole sexual health system holistically. Her whole life becomes orgasmic, and she births every moment in bliss. When a woman is disconnected to this natural side of her femininity, her sexual organs, hormones and emotions fall of out of harmony.

In the system theories of Eastern Medicine it is understood that when the communication between organs, hormones, and the psyche is out of balance the environment becomes ripe for the manifestation of disease. With the rise of women taking on the masculine world of business, politics and 9-5 rhythms, this disconnect is prevalent. What might be the ways in which this disconnect could be leading to the rise in infertility, cervical cancer, breast cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, HPV, menorrhea and an inability or difficulty to reach states of orgasmic bliss?

With the fall of pagan culture and the rise of the Christian church a woman’s value as a sexual being became primarily her role as life-giver, the goal of her sexuality being childbirth. Having sex to conceive was deemed the only “pure” time to do so by the Christian Church, disregarding the entire scope of sexual experiences available to a woman. Because it is not essential that a woman orgasm to conceive a child, this aspect of her sexuality became un-addressed within the spiritual traditions of the west. Catholicism and the Christian Church created a divide in the worldview that made the body sinful and the spirit holy. This disconnect to the body as a source of pleasure, disconnected women to their inherently creative nature.

In line with the spirit-body split the cultural shift into a mechanical, Newtonian worldview created a cause and effect way of seeing things, including creative and sexual energy. We see this in that creative expression is valued when it is goal-oriented and contributes something to the economy of our society. Art is seen as valuable mostly only when it sells. To sing wildly out of key in the streets is seen as insane. This emphasis on results and achieving of goals is counter-intuitive to the Spirit, as the Spirit recognizes itself as Infinite, and therefore is completely unbiased to success or failure. Women are naturally ruled by their intuition, their Spiritual Self, and so know intuitively that their value is not dependent on their producing physical results. Yet the culture feeds them this limiting worldview, and creates a psychologically unsafe environment for their wild expression.

Success and Failure are thought-constructs. They are value judgements invented by the limited mind. The traps of fearing failure or striving for success naturally stifle the creative energy of a woman caught in a world of approval seeking. This stifling of a woman’s creative nature to intuitively express her inner world without reason, stagnates a woman’s connection to her life force. It sends her the message that if she expresses herself she will be judged. The risk involved with expressing her wild soul is real, because to expose her inner world and then be ridiculed and shamed, further traps her. A healthy creative expression comes from deep within her wild heart, and needs a safe container to be expressed wholesomely. One without the value judgements of “good” or “bad”, and with the openness to simply witness.

The Masculine principle of existence from a Tantric perspective is to unbiasedly witness all of creation. The Masculine is pure consciousness, eternally free and of free nature. He beholds his Beloved in the endless myriad of forms, in all of the Cosmos. This is the witness a woman thrives with, as she is supported and encouraged to express her limitless powers, as they come. When a man has been conditioned by the culture to judge his world, he naturally judges his woman. When a woman feels judged her creative life force constricts. Physically her bleeding cycles become stressful, painful and exhausting. When a woman is beheld by the pure masculine she thrives and is able to express freely her heart. This opens up an endless river of creativity within her. Physically her bleeding cycles become ceremonies.

Both Feminine and Masculine principles have become contorted by our mainstream modern culture. Both are missing out on the expression of their deepest potentials at this point in history. The masculine gains his relevance through his relation to the feminine. The feminine gains her relevance through her relation to the Masculine. When this sacred relation is out of balance, the whole reality is out of balance. It is no wonder the rate of infertility in our so-called modern societies is so high. The two forces are unconsciously trying to control and manipulate one another to achieve some arbitrary result of increased economic productivity, completely missing the magic of the intuitive flow of all of creation. Physically speaking, the sperm and egg cannot find their sacred union.

Women (and men, this is simply an exploration specifically of the effect on women) are deeply connected to the realm of intuition. Their bleeding cycles have them inherently in rhythm with all of creation which sharpens their capacity to know without thinking. When a woman’s connection to her intuition is un-cultured, when she has not developed the sacred art of her intuition, her whole system cannot thrive.

Many traditional cultures valued and appreciated a woman’s bleeding cycle as Sacred. The honouring of their cycle is the honouring of their intuitive gift, because their cycle is the mirroring of the seasonal ebb and flow of all of creation. True intuition sees beyond the traps of good and evil, to the endless horizon of waves in the sea. A woman’s connection to this Ocean and the Wave perspective, of the ocean and the wave being interdependent, is the fuel to the sacred fire of her intuition.

For a woman to shift into menopause without an established intimate connection to her creative power and sexuality puts her at risk of complications in her sexual organs and hormones. If her connection to the creative self is not watered, loved and nurtured, when her gross world cycle stops, her connection to the ebb and flow of existence will be un-lived and thus her life force will dwindle.
The Taoists and Tantrics teach us that our sexual energy is our life force, so continuously culturing it is vital to our longevity. They speak of sexual fluids as the nectar of immortality, literally and figuratively. Our sexual energy is directly related to our creative energy, so as a woman’s natural rhythms shift from fertile to infertile it is imperative that she maintain her connection to her life force if she desires vitality and longevity. She must dare to sing, dance, paint, sculpt, write, and dream under the moonlight around the sacred fire of her sexual prowess, or she will dim her inner light.

So much of our culture oppresses women’s sexuality. Either it is being over-emphasized as pornographic hype or under-emphasized as dirty and inconvenient. A woman’s sacred blood is seen as dirty and embarrassing, while her breasts are seen as far too provocative to even be allowed to see the sunshine. This Newtonian split in a woman’s sense of self hinders her ability to honour herself as a wholesome being, worshipping her sexuality as a gift. This paradox has her cut off from her cycles, cut off from her own powers, and thus subject to health problems.

It is no surprise that many women experience incredibly painful bleeding cycles accompanied with acne, back pain, painful breasts, fatigue and dread. When she feels her cycle is “dirty”, that the smell alone will be cause for incredible shame let alone if someone saw her “leak” from her chemically bleached tampon, she waters a garden of disconnect to the sacredness of her own body. When she tunes into the holiness of her body, the pungent taste, rich colour, smooth texture of her blood, the fertility of her breasts, the viscosity of her fluids, when she feels her body fully, her bleeding cycles can be blissful and sacred. The ability to see beyond the mythos of good and evil, allows woman the freedom to enjoy all of her seasons.

This ability to see beyond duality is a sacred gift which opens up the soul to fulfill its unique potential. When we free ourselves from the belief that one way is better than the other, we can tune into what is true for us. Everything is true for someone, and if we can release one another from the binds of trying to be “good” each unique perspective can feel safe to shine. True health and optimization of the body begins with this holistic recognition of one’s nature.

The sex magic of Tantra, Taoism, the sex cult of Isis and many more traditions serve as systems for unlocking and harnessing the powers of the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra, Svadistana in Sanskrit, is located between the navel and the genitals and houses the creative life force of the human being. It generates sexual vitality and creative drive; life force and passionate expression. It is often seen as a centre of carnal desire and worldly passion, while it is also the centre that houses the power of all of Creation. Your Sacral chakra connects you to the purpose and meaning of your existence as a karmic being, your ability to create life and bring your visions into form. It is a centre of great alchemy, as conception and birth are the essential alchemical practices even an unconscious, un-initiated human being carries out instinctively. Once we become aware of this energy and tune into it with consciousness it becomes a tool for awakening and enlightenment.

Many women at this point in time have lost touch with this magical aspect of their sexuality. What if this disconnect were a contributing factor to cervical cancer? The cervix is the epicentre of the sacral chakra in a woman. It is the form of the vesica pisces, the eye of the storm of a woman’s ability to create life. Literally shaped like a fleshed out “O” the cervix has to dilate to birth a child. The flexibility and suppleness of the cervix is related to ease of childbirth. When a woman is continuously conditioned that the world is not a safe place to express her wild soul, I believe the cervix manifests this belief physically in the form of rigidity, cancer, and pain during sex. When a woman is able to free her wild womb and express in a safe container, intimately with her Beloved and outwardly in her creative expressions, the cervix manifests as supple, ripe and is able to gift her incredible cervical orgasms.

The ancient spiritual traditions that acknowledge the chakra system teach that each chakra is it’s own mind. The Tantrics refer to the seven mind streams, and each chakra has its own psyche of sorts. When a woman’s sexuality and creativity is not cultured, but is ignored or suppressed her sacral psyche becomes completely out of harmony. Perhaps the rampant rise of psychological disturbances in women post world wars would be more effectively treated by looking at her sexual identity?

Personally my journey in this lifetime has been intimately connected to the loss and return of my sacred connection to my sexuality. Due to childhood manipulation psychologically, physically and sexually my child ego kept me safe by dissociating from the lower three chakras. Because there was no physical safety and security of a healthy home to rest in, my soul rose to the higher chakras of vision and dreams. I became a highly spiritual child and made my abode in the world of imagination and visions throughout my development. My creative life force could not be silenced, but its expression was like a song being sung by someone being choked. My art was loaded with dark metaphor, my music was erie and sad expressing disconnect and the desire to escape the body. I contemplated suicide as a youth, and began to take extreme risks with my body because it hardly felt like it belonged to me.

This lack of connection to my lower chakras, here focusing on the sacral chakra, manifested as carelessness in choosing sexual partners, fluctuation between extreme pain during my bleeding cycles or no cycle at all, and an inability to commit and dive deep into my creative potential. I was always skating around the surface of the wells of my being. I could have shallow clitoral orgasm at the drop of a pin, yet the deeper aspects of my sexuality were undiscovered. I could slip into bed with a stranger and give the surface of my being away without much of a second thought, and yet I could never make it through the deeper levels of an intimate long term relationship. I struggled to allow my whole self to be witnessed, as I had yet to witness her myself.

Since studying and integrating the teachings of Tantra and the philosophy of the Wild Woman my connection to my sexuality has become a place of great power. I have learned how to open with the support of an embodied man, who has patiently loved me deeper into my body. My creative voice has become clearer and clearer, my bleeding cycles have balanced and are gentle, regular and ceremonial. The states of orgasm I can reach are seemingly limitless, and I have discovered my connection to my cervix as an organ of pleasure. My perspective strongly set in the Infinite, whilst my focus drops deep into my body, I have felt safe and held enough by my own inner masculine to remember the causes for my disconnection and to make peace with all the elements of those wounds. I found true strength within myself and to support and witness my inner feminine with my own inner masculine, and have created a relationship with my Beloved that externally reflects this deep intimacy.

I share this perspective in an effort to illuminate the interconnected nature of our reality, and shine light on the potential to thrive as human beings deeply, safely, connected to ourselves and all of creation. To expand, explore and express the sacred gift of our sexuality and our ability to birth our visions into this realm of existence. Seeing how we lost our way, may we return to a road of knowledge.

Women, may you have the courage to explore the crevasses of your innermost selves. Men, may you have the strength to support them, and discover your own potential as ultimate witness to the limitless beauty of the Goddess incarnate.

May all beings live in harmony and bask in the bliss of spirit embodied.

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  1. Tamara thank you for sharing your knowledge and your experience. What a beautiful offering depicting the disconnect from more genuine embodiment of masculine and feminine expression. xoxo

    1. Post

      Hi Scarlet 🙂 I’m glad you appreciated the wisdom I tried to express here. It was quite a piece to share.

  2. Tamara thank you for sharing your knowledge and your experience. What a beautiful offering depicting the disconnect from more genuine embodiment of masculine and feminine expression. xoxo

  3. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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      Lovely to hear from you and that the perspectives I’m sharing is touching someone out there 🙂 All the best to you!

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