The Guru is You.

Dear Heart,

I speak to the Soul inside you. The soul that willed itself into being in the exquisite genetic pattern that is expressing itself as what you call You. The Soul that materialized from an ever-expansive web of Infinite-Formless-Soul (Vishnu) to Will you as a vessel from which to explore the nature of Life itself, the nature of it’s Self. I speak to the Cosmic Being (Purusha), that lends you your reality. For it is this You that guides you and lays the stones of your path for you to walk upon. This Soul is the Essence of who you are, and when you connect to this aspect of yourself you will re-cognize the miracle that is your birth.

You will come to see that your birth implies all births, and that you are connected to your brothers and sisters, the plants, the animals, the stars, the moons, entire galaxies, by the Soul that chose your Karmic flesh. When you were willed into being a precise Vision was written into the very code of your life’s expression, and it is your life’s infinite journey to explore the possibilities of that code’s potential. The path is multi-dimensional, just like your Soul, and the free will you experience will manifest a unique existence that is no mistake. Explore your path with the utmost bliss, for the stones were laid precisely for your feet, and you can do no wrong if only you listen.

Along your path you may find yourself wondering ‘What is my purpose?’ To this question I offer you the wisdom that everything you need to know about such a question is within you. You may feel the need to travel to distant lands upon this earth, to seek out new reflections so that you may see your inner world more crystal. You may feel called to find a teacher, someone to guide you and tell you what you need to do. I offer you the wisdom that though these wanderings, these searchings, will most definitely bring light into who you are, you don’t need to go anywhere beyond your own heart to get the real answers you are looking for.

It is true that journeys both outwards and inwards will always help clean the mirror of the smoke that clouds your self perception. Sometimes you will end up tossed into the raging ocean, the mother Chaos (Kali) smashing her powers in a fitful might, as part of your path to Self-recognition. The contrasts, the highs and the lows (Kama/ Krodha), will reveal to you the ever-present-holy-moment (Shiva) and in your re-union, when you return from your voyage to the depths of despair to your True Nature (Dharma) the Love you will make to yourself (Shiva-Shakti) will be worth a million more battles with Karmic vixens.

And so it is that when I share with you that the Guru is You it is not to say that you ought not search outwards. Go! Express and Explore the myriad of potentials that the Creator (Brahma) has set out for you to enjoy. Dance within the eternal play of the Gods (Lila) and know the bliss of incarnation. Feel into your heart-centre (Hridaya) and follow its desire to the ends, for this is the path to fulfillment of your life’s manifestation (your Karma), and it is with this satiated self that you will transcend your need for worldly involvement.

But remember dear heart, that there is no rush whatsoever. The structures of your culture, run by bankers gone mad, have tried to convince you that Time is more than an illusory trick placed upon you out of love for life itself (Maya). The Goddess knows that without her tricks there would be No-thing, and No-thing can get quite boring for the Infinite Self. Know that time is there for your own enjoyment and the cage you make of time is only in your head.

So go out there, go in there, go to the tops of the tips and the bottoms of the valleys of your own desires. Trust that what you want wants you, and the entire Cosmos, the entire Pantheon of Divinities is conspiring to make your life the life of your wildest dreams. Take your time, the way the Goddess meant for you to have it, leisurely and relaxed, gently licking the spoon with your tongue as you taste every sweetness.

When you learn to Relax, and Let Go of the fiction that you are just an instant, to See that you are the Whole picture, you will hear the voice you’re meant to hear. When you Relax and stop worrying if you are “doing it right” “doing it wrong” “Going too fast” or “Taking too long” you will come to resonate with the rhythm of your own heartbeat. The rhythm of your Metaphysical Heart (Hridaya), the internal compass for your Karmic journey. This, dear heart, is the Guru.

The Guru will show you the knowledge you are meant for with the grace of God to guide the way (Anugraha). Sometimes the Guru will take an external form, in a partner, in a teacher, in a parent or a child, but remember dear heart that this external form is only a reflection to the Guru inside you. Everything you are meant to be is Known by your own Intuitive Awareness. So when someone tells you something about who you are, what you feel, what you think, or what you should do always check the resonance with the drum of your own heart. For no one can hear that but you.

Not even the most powerful Master can give you your Liberation. You must allow it into being yourself. Your teachers in the outside world can hold your hand and lead you to the waters of Infinite Wisdom, but it is up to You, the Soul aspect of You, how much you are to drink. Some of us will drink the whole damn ocean all at once, over fill, choke and explode. Some of us will sip just a drop and live forever contented. Some will gently lap at the pond forever, and still feel thirsty. Some will fill their vessel, make love in their temple, and never come back for more. There is no “right way” or “wrong way” to bear the bounty of Eden.

The dark and the light side of your existence contain and maintain each other. There is no way to know light without the possibility of dark. So let go dear heart, and surrender to the Knowledge of Life, that the wheels of timeless time (the Chakras) will go on spinning long after you cease to exist in this form. Anything which appears dark, on the horizon, will be given light. At your darkest hours, trust in the wings of time to change you and rest with the soaring of the Eagle (Garuda).

The Guru is You dear heart, and you have everything you need to be Happy. If Happiness is what you desire, be happy. If Passion is what you desire, be passionate. If Wildness is what you desire, be Wild. You can rest knowing that all you need do is your best, and as my Gran always says “sometimes your best is the shits.” There is no way to avoid the Soul. There is nothing you can do that the Eternal Mother (Maha-Devi) will not forgive you for.

So with your freedom, what will you create? What do you Desire to leave in your wake? Feel into the roots of your connection at the base of your spine, the secret place of desire in your womb, the raging fire in your belly, the gentle rhythm of your heart, the flowing river of your voice up to the formless hum of your third-eye’s Vision. This Vision for your life is yours. Follow the Guru inside you and know yourself the way the Gods and the Goddesses know you. As not one, but All, of them.

The Guru is You Dear heart, and you need not leave yourself to find the teacher you are dreaming for.

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