The following is a manifesto style work to inspire the seeker of freedom and truth to step onto a path of total honesty and transparency. On the tantric path it is vital to integrate this teaching into your life. It has proven one of the most radical teachings for me in my experience of Tantra and I wish to share it with you in case it resonates and ignites your passion for living your potential. Though I wrote it to myself I am sharing it with you because I see that what appears as different is in fact very much alike.

You are learning to trust yourself, to hear your intuitive awareness and have the courage to listen to it, even when it makes you uncomfortable. You are expanding your awareness of your own self, and in this expansion the capacity for honesty raises alongside it. Reach out and seize it, even when it scares you, for it will lead you into the infinite potential of your own heart.

Honesty expresses in many ways that we have forgotten to notice. You are learning to be honest in all aspects of your experience. This means being honest with yourself in your own thoughts, and the actions only you bear witness to. It means being honest in your interactions with others in the obvious manner of speaking the truth of your actions and thoughts, and in the subtler manner of expressing your emotions, doubts, and fears. You are communicating honestly, without subconsciously soliciting a desired response to validate yourself from the outside.

Sometimes being honest will seem challenging. Exposing your discomfort, fears, and perceived inadequacies may feel like an insurmountable feat, but persevere. Push through the discomfort, for when you come through to the other side you will be closer to re-aligning yourself with your true nature. The sense of relief your soul experiences when you speak the truth is your soul thanking you for acknowledging the expression of humanity it willed into existence of it’s own free will, of its own desire. You are no mistake. No one is. So offer your existence back to the essential creator of this whole manifested reality by recognizing it exists to catch you when you fall. Though you know there is nowhere to fall from, or towards.

There is no need to try to smooth things over for yourself, or others. “smoothing” things over by skirting around truth is not honest, and therefore projects further dishonestly creating a dynamic web of confusions all around you. Continue practicing transparency, even at the risk of “looking the fool” or letting people and the world see your wounds, your holes, for even the holes are whole. When you perpetuate your own lies in such sly ways as lying to avoid conflict or accountability you teach yourself that your lower consciousness and higher consciousness are in discord and spiral yourself into an endless fractal of confusions wherein you can’t even trust yourself. This is the source of your unhappiness. So drop it, and re-program your subconscious to see harmony between all aspects of your essentially indivisible self.

See that you have nothing to lose, that nothing is losable in this existence, and allow that knowledge to set you free. From that freedom allow your honest opinion, your unfiltered perception to express knowing that falsity isn’t real and that efforts to sustain falsity in your reality will be in vain and lead you astray from the inherent delight of this world reality. Use this power of honesty with integrity avoiding unnecessary commentary and uninvited voiced opinion. As you begin to trust yourself deeply the difference between petty judgment and important honesty will become ever clearer.

When you lie you emanate lies and your existence is a contribution to illusion. By choosing to partake in, and add to, the veils of maya in this way you align your limited consciousness with the source of your unhappiness. The illusion of separateness these veils deceive you with are not realities, but merely seemingly real. As you contemplate passionately the infinite nature of existence and the consciousness which creates, sustains and contracts your entire reality you will come to this knowledge of unity without fail, for it is a principle, such as gravity, and will be true for all who seek truth honestly. Lying takes you further and further from this truth of existence, generating deeper and deeper experiences of confusion and falsity. Don’t let your fears create your experience.

When you lie to yourself to support a narrative you wrote for your present experience in the past, you miss the opportunity you were so gracefully given to experience life. When you then start lying to others (which you will if you’re lying to yourself) to drag them into the parts you’d casted them for, you begin again to lose the intimate experience of the ever-present moment to the shadowy illusion of action based out of non-reality.

That is not the world you are willing to create. So be honest with yourself and drop the idea that stupidity, ugliness, embarrassment, shame, guilt or any of the other lower emotions you might momentarily witness in yourself when exposing yourself in honesty are really who you are. You know that your true nature is none of those things. The risk of momentary experience of such emotions is worth the gift of creating an honest reality for yourself, a reality you can trust. Stop trying to save face, keep the peace and avoid conflict at the expense of your honesty. Let this be your practice.

Recall the relationships of your so-called past. How did your partner fair in the role you scripted them for before you’d even met them? What did your true heart try to say as you hopped through hoops of your own imagination in hopes that the hopping would solicit their love? When you lie you generate the impossibility of receiving real love for even when your lover is loving you he is not loving you but the idea you have presented of yourself. These lies can be big or small and the result remains a disparity between the person you know you are and the person they are professing their love to. Don’t let the possibility of honest love go to waste by playing these games.

Approval seeking is a dead-end trap that prevents your from ever experiencing your own freedom. This is another form of dishonesty that often sneaks past the unwatchful eye. When you present a calculated action to solicit a particular reaction from another you are approval seeking. Reflect honestly on how often you may be doing this. By having the courage to expose yourself to yourself you embark upon a journey of building the most essential relationship available to you, the relationship you have to yourself. The Self of which you are has many facets. It is a multi-dimensional being. By contemplating honestly the many aspects of your being you can harmonize on all levels. The harmonizing of your gross existence with your essence, which is the essence of all existence, is the foundation of yoga.

Remember dear heart, the free will of the highest consciousness is always aware of your freedom, of its self as your true nature. The grand trick is simply that you have forgotten this, and the game, the cosmic play, is the ebbing and flowing of your journey towards remembering that from which you came, that to which you are flowing, and the thatness that sustains you on your adventure. That thatness is, will be and always has been, you. Let this knowledge ignite within you the strength to be truly Honest, to bask in the delight which ensues, and bring you back on your feet when you slip from your true nature.

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